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Event Title:  LGBTQ and You: a listening session hosted by Trinity’s Council 

Event Details: Monday, November 20. 7:00-8:30pm. TBC.  

Anonymous online submissions also available* 

Event Description:  

Our church has participated in CBWC-wide discussions focusing upon the CBWC Identity Statement. Though our church has strongly supported a biblically traditional view of marriage, we know that more conversation is needed in living all of this out well. It isn’t enough to simply hold certain convictions. We also need to know how to relate well to our LGBTQ family members, friends, classmates, workmates, and neighbors. They are people whom God has placed in our lives, and we need to know how to love them for the long-term in a Christlike way. 

Our Council members started brainstorming various educational and equipping ideas, but we realized that it is better to listen first rather than presume what your needs are. We want to hear directly from you at this upcoming listening session. This session is not intended for debating biblical stances, fanning flames of culture wars, etc. Instead, we want to hear how you yourself desire to be equipped and supported in your own personal context of relationships. Please come to the listening session ready to answer the following question: 

In what ways can your church equip and support you as you navigate relationships with LGBTQ people whom God has placed in your life? 

It is our hope that after listening to your specific needs, we will have greater clarity on what our next steps might be in educating and supporting our congregants. 

Event Parameters: 

This event is intended for attendees of Trinity Baptist Church who desire to walk together in Christian community. Others will not be turned away, but they should appreciate our intended audience. 

Council’s posture will be that of listening, not debating. We may provide clarification or information, if necessary, but we sincerely want to hear from our people! 

People will be given ample opportunity to share openly. Our discussion moderator(s) reserve the right to manage time and decorum. 

 * For those unable or uncomfortable sharing in person, an anonymous form is available for online submissions until Nov 20th. Click HERE to access the form. Please focus your online submission on the question listed above.