Denominational Affiliation

We are a church of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC). The CBWC is a Christ-centred community of churches that have a 3-fold purpose: Cultivating Leaders, Investing in Relationships, and Engaging in Mission.

The CBWC’s theology represents moderate Christian values in an evangelical posture. Churches that are part of the CBWC, including Trinity, aim to reach out to our neighbours to share the good news of Christ through ministries that share God’s love in our communities, both locally and internationally. Everywhere, in word and deed, Christ is proclaimed. For more information, please go to CBWC.

Partners in Mission

We partner with many organizations locally and globally to further God's work in the world. For example, we have had a long-standing key partnership with Gull Lake Centre, a bible camp in central Alberta. We also have a key partnership with a mission in Baja, Mexico. Whether through our local and global partners or through direct engagement, we are concerned about refugees, poverty, families in need, and human trafficking.