Over the next decade, Trinity Baptist Church will focus on God’s work of growing deeply-rooted followers of Christ, trusting that many of them will grow into leadership in the church, the marketplace, or in their neighborhoods.

We at Trinity love the people, as well as the neighborhood, where God has planted us. We love how generous, family-focused, and supportive Strathcona County is.  However, we acknowledge that sometimes the soil of our suburban life resists deep spiritual roots and instead settles for the lesser pursuits of pleasure and prosperity. Instead of nurturing God’s unique imprint on our lives, we often prefer convenience and predictability. We believe that God invites each of us into something deeper.  

Nurturing Spiritual Formation:  Over the next decade, we will invite individuals, families, and indeed our entire church family, into intentional and holistic spiritual formation. We will root our identity in Christ, plant ourselves in the soil of God’s good Word, and be trained to soak up the rays of God’s presence through prayer and other specific spiritual habits. Trinity’s programs, gathered worship, and small groups will work together to pursue an intentional growth plan for discipleship that yields a diverse maturity in Christ.]   We envision individuals and families developing deep spiritual lives who practice their unique mission in Christ.

Cultivating Servant Leaders:  Alongside of nurturing spiritual formation in Christ, we have another parallel task. We believe that God wants to raise up many leaders among us. We see ourselves becoming a leadership greenhouse where Christ-like, servant-leaders are cultivated through well-supported mentoring, training, volunteering,, partnering with Gull Lake Centre, partnering with the CBWC, creating internships, and more. We believe God wants our leadership greenhouse to be so full that it overflows. Some of these leaders will provide leadership within our church ministries while others will transplant their leadership into their workplaces, schools, non-profit organizations, neighborhood connections, and more. Wherever these diverse leaders are scattered, we envision them planting the seeds of God’s good kingdom.  

As we put our hands to the plow of these parallel tasks, nurturing spiritual formation and cultivating servant-leaders, we will entrust ourselves to the Lord, asking Him to both grow us into spiritual maturity, and to send workers out into fields that are ripe for harvest.

The above vision description was adopted by our leadership team in the fall of 2018, after a lengthy process of congregational engagement. We are excited to carefully pursue this long-term vision as a church family.

To help us move steadily toward our decade-long vision, we have adopted the following four ministry priorities for the next season of ministry, starting in fall 2023:

  1. Balance action & prayer
  2. Educate and Support for Spiritual Formation
  3. Continually live on mission for God
  4. Meaningfully integrate people into our church family