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For a variety of reasons, the February 19th Good Soil Night has been cancelled and will be postponed until a future date.  We apologise for any inconvenience.  Please contact the church office if you have any questions.


Join us at 6 PM on February 12 & 19 for a quick supper, provided by Trinity, before separating out into different Spiritual Formation Tracks from 7:00-8:30 p.m.  There will be adult tracks, childcare for kids under 5 and sessions for kids (K-Gr. 6).  Please note that this is no cost for this event. 


Adult Formation Track #1:  Declutter Your Inner Life

1.  February 12 - The Spiritual Discipline of Simplicity:  Fully-booked calendars, continuous social media pings, and homes with never-enough storage are an all too common experience for us. We live in one of the most free countries in the world, but ironically, we often chain ourselves down by self-imposed obligations and possessions. What different fruit would our lives have if we embraced simplicity as a spiritual discipline? This session has its starting place in Jesus’ wilderness temptations, will introduce us to some ‘good radicals’ in Christian history, then will articulate an inside-out vision of simplicity in heart, words, and things. You will be equipped with resources for further follow-up and practical application.

2.  February 19 - Breathe:  An Evening of Uncluttered Worship:  As an appropriate extension of Week One, this is a night to take a deep, long breath and rest in the presence of God. Pastor Debi will lead us in an extended time of unplugged worship in the Fireside Room.  Retreat from the complexities of life and simply worship, reconnect with Christ...just breathe.


Adult Formation Track #2:  Fresh Inspiration For Family Discipleship

1.  February 12 - Failing Forward on the Parenting JourneyEncouragement in family discipleship for the 'rest of us":  No one needs to tell us that parenting is anything but straightforward. We all have hopes and prayers for our children, we all want to be faithful stewards of our precious kids as we train them up in the way they should go.  But is there any hope for those of us who fall off the consistency train? Is there grace for us when we say the wrong thing or miss a teachable moment? Join us for a night of encouragement, fresh inspiration and God’s good news for parents who are failing forward in discipling our kids.   

2.  February 19 - Creating Family Vision Statements:  Discerning God's unique plan and purpose for your family:  Join us as we talk about setting vision for our families. You will be given ideas and practical tips for incorporating our kids into the discernment process of determining God’s plans and purposes for our families. This class will be full of hands-on help so you can begin setting vision, mission and goals to guide your parenting future and discover your family’s unique God-given identity. 




**There will be a second Good Soil set of sessions on March 18 & 25.  Watch for registration opening late February.