Prayer Request

Our pastors meet weekly to pray for prayer requests that have been submitted to them. On any given Sunday, you can write your prayer requests on the chalk walls at the back of the sanctuary. Alternatively, you can fill out an online form.

Pre-service Prayer Meeting

We have an informal time of prayer at 10am each Sunday for anyone who would like to pray with others. This is a time to pray for all those leading and attending that morning, as well as a time to pray for each other. This prayer time happens in the Parent Zone, which is just off the foyer, beside the stairwell. Anyone is welcome. 

Post-service Prayer

Immediately after each worship service, a pastor or other church leader is available for prayer at the front of the sanctuary. We would be honored to pray with you about whatever is on your heart. 

Pastoral Care Team

Our pastoral care team is a committed group of volunteers who seek to provide tangible, practical care to our congregants. They provide tangible care for new mothers, those who are grieving, seniors needing transportation, or people who just need a listening ear. Contact one of our pastors to get connected with this team. 

Appointment with a pastor

Our pastors count it as a privilege to meet with people to discuss and pray about the joys and challenges of life and faith. If you would like to meet with one of our pastors, contact the church office to set up an appointment. 

Healing Prayer

In the book of James, the Scriptures encourage those who are sick to invite their church leaders to pray for them. If you would like our church leaders to pray for you in this way, please contact the church office.